Green Screen - The Fun Starts Here! - Happybooth by Shannon Zirkle

How green screens can add versatility to photos and up the fun at events.

The idea of posing with a green screen as a background may not seem that appealing. But once you see what backgrounds can be added to your photo to make it memorable, you will be awestruck.

One good thing about digitally inserted backgrounds is that when choosing a background for your photo, you get a wide range to choose from. With our green screen option, people can take photos with their favourite actor/actress, or at one of the Wonders of the World, and so much more. For corporate parties, we can create special backgrounds for them featuring their company’s logos.

It’s things like these that can really turn up the energy at your event and make the night memorable for everyone present. So if you want a green screen at your next party, go for it! Let your guests get starstruck, lost in wonderment and of course, have a ball!!

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