Be Our Guest - Happybooth by Shannon Zirkle

Why it’s important to have a good rapport with guests.

Customer satisfaction. Those two words are key for the success of any business. More often than not, some businesses tend to focus more on the technical side of things rather than on what makes a customer happy. Without customers or “consumers” as some businesses like to call them, there would be no hope of success at all. Profits are only a small part of the equation; customer satisfaction also matters.

As far as we are concerned, we don’t just want guests at events to walk away from events with just high quality photos and prints, we want them to walk away with good memories as well. That’s why we encourage our guests to get up and have a good time posing for photos.

Getting the perfect shot will not matter if you’re guests are feeling shy or awkward while posing for photos. The shot maybe correct as far as technical aspects are concerned but if the guests are not at ease when you click away, those captured moments lose their appeal.

That is why we take pride in interacting with our guests; getting them comfortable with us, joking with them, laughing with them and capturing them when they’re at their happiest. Because happy moments aren’t just moments that need to be captured. They are moments that need to be remembered.

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