Fun with Found Backgrounds! - Happybooth by Shannon Zirkle

You don’t always have to make a background. Why not use one from your amazing location.

Found backgrounds are really fun and can be a refreshing change from the usual black or white background sheet. They are anything found in your location that can be used as a background. These can be from the beach to a fancy decorated wall.

While using the traditional black and white background or digitally inserted backgrounds via green screen can be loads of fun, found backgrounds can also give the same effect, depending on certain characteristics in your location. When we did the Rutland Gate Yoga Studio’s 2nd Anniversary Celebrations, we used a very uniquely designed wall that they had in their studio as a background while at Suni’s Birthday Celebration, we used a brown wall that had a retro classic look inside her home. For Anisha and Suchant’s mehendi ceremony, we used the greenery in their location.

These backgrounds added so much vibrancy and a personal touch to the photos and went very well with the themes. Likewise, there can be many of these found backgrounds in your location. So if there is one, don’t be afraid to use it and see how it adds to the quality of the photo session.

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