Photo Sharing Via Social Media. - Happybooth by Shannon Zirkle

Wanna share your Happybooth moments on Facebook or via email?

We got that covered for you! Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites in the world. Aside from posting photos on Instagram, people post their photos on Facebook as well. But what do you do when you wanna post a picture of you in a photobooth with some buddies directly onto Facebook?

We at Happybooth have a direct “Share To Facebook” option in our photobooth. After taking the photo(s), they appear on our kiosk. We then select the “Share To Facebook” option, where you log into Facebook and we upload the photo(s) directly from there.

We also have an option where we can mail the photos directly from the kiosk to our client’s email IDs. Once we get the email ID, we just have to select the photos, attach them and send them.

The processes are easy and super safe. And sharing your photobooth pictures has never been easier. 

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