Promos with Photobooths! - Happybooth by Shannon Zirkle

Why businesses should use photobooths for promotions.

Successful businesses rely on promotion to get customers. But being too “business-y” about it doesn’t really help. So how do we showcase the fun side of the company? One answer would be, “Use a photobooth.”

For businesses, we offer frames, prints and strips with their company logos on them. As for the icing on that cake, we have a social media share option where photos can be shared via Facebook, Instagram and even Email. Our green screen feature can also come in handy since we can digitally insert specially designed backgrounds with your company’s logo on them.

All of the above features can help with promotion for your business and it also gives you a chance to show the fun side of your company to everyone. So next time you plan on promoting your business, keep a photobooth option in mind. It just might help in the future.

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