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Theme parties are really fun events to shoot and attend. However, using the same old props that you generally use can be a minus point. When doing theme parties, using props related to the theme can add to the fun for both you and your guests.

For example, say you’re doing a Despicable Me theme party, get or create props that are related to Despicable Me. They could be anything from Minion masks to cards with dialogues from the movie written on them. As long as they go along with the mood and theme of the party, use them. Not only does it go along with what the guests have in mind, but you also get to join in the fun!

In a way, it does help as you get to relate to the fun that the guests are experiencing with the theme. It will also speak volumes about your dedication to your work and customer satisfaction and when a guest sees what you’ve done, they will be impressed and they just might hire you for their events!

So the next time you want to do a theme party remember these key points-

Do your research - If you do not know about the theme that the party is based on, read up and learn about it. This will help you get a better understanding of the theme and how to create or get your props.

Get facts, ideas, etc. right - If your facts and ideas wrong, it will be a waste of energy and time for you. Ensure that while creating props, your facts and trivia are right.

Familiarise yourself with everything associated with the theme - Guests will be more comfortable with you if you are familiar with theme. Nothing pleases guests more than a photographer who knows his trivia.

Keep these pointers in mind and you will be sure to have a good time along with your guests.

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