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# Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Photobooth at Your Next Event.

"Want one good reason why photobooths are awesome at events? We’ll give you five!

Parties and events can get a little dull at times if you just have the same old staple features. How does a photobooth change all that? Check out these five reasons-

Ice-Breaking -

Mingling with guests and networking for businesses gets a whole lot better and easier when you have an ice-breaker, in this case, a photobooth. Guests and friends can let go and have a fun time horsing around, posing for pictures with each other.

Age Friendly -

Photobooths aren’t restricted to a certain age group. Anyone can jump in for some fun! Whether it’s your 2 year old niece or your Grandmother, anyone can have a ball in the photobooth.

Social Media Sharing -

In case you thought that you just get the regular prints at the photobooth, think again! New age photobooths come with a social media sharing option which lets you share your pics on any social network such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Customized Prints and Templates -

The usual black and white template can get boring at times, so instead of going vintage you can also select your own designs for your prints and templates! These add so much colour and vibrancy to your photos and definitely make them even more special.

Photobooths are for everyone -

Anyone and everyone can enjoy a photobooth; whether you’re from a small town or the big city, you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself in the booth. But photobooths aren’t just for humans also. We once had a cute kitten called Meep Meep who posed for a few photos in the booth. She was so cute and all the customers who saw her with us that day were fawning over her and playing with her.

There you have it! Those are our 5 reasons to get a photobooth for your event. "

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