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A special post on customized photo frames

"Getting the usual photo frames can be dull at times. Sometimes, it’s the same old designs and they can take up a lot of space. Two words for the solution: customized frames.

We have standard black photo frames for the 4x6 prints that can be screen printed on. They are paper frames (and envelopes for the strips). These frames are easy to carry and protects the prints. We do have these in stock, however, if you want screen printing for customization to be added, it will take some time so it's best if you inform us well in advance.

We can add many different designs to them for that special uniqueness. This needs a bit of time though, so it’s best to let us know about it two weeks in advance. Wording can also be customized depending on what you would like, eg., Name + Date, etc. To get names, etc. on the frames, just send us the names/event types and dates and we’ll do the rest!

Customized frames will definitely make your photos more memorable and your memories, even more memorable! "

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