Why I started HappyBooth - Happybooth by Shannon Zirkle

The old school photo booth concept has always appealed to me; the fun rush you get by jumping into the booth and taking black and white photos that come out a few minutes later… I wanted to have a photo booth for my wedding but unfortunately, I didn’t have time to plan for one.

I studied photojournalism in the US at Western Kentucky University and then worked full time as a photojournalist in the newspaper industry. I moved to Chennai about five years ago with my husband, Rohan and three cats. My husband is originally from Chennai and moved back to help with the family business.

Once I moved here, I couldn’t leave my photography career behind so I started Shannon Zirkle Photography. One thing I noticed that wasn’t really available in Chennai was a photo booth service. It adds a lot of fun to any event and it also allows guests to walk away with a keepsake.

Instead of a cramped photo booth, Happybooth offers an open air concept where you can fit in as many friends as you want and instead of waiting for the photos to develop, the prints come instantly. Another great thing is that you can customize your print to have your name on it or even your company logo, as well as putting as many photos as you’d like on your print.

Here at Happybooth, we offer high quality prints using professional cameras and lights. The equipment we have can be used to shoot a wedding. In addition to all of this, we have a fun loving team who like making guests feel comfortable and coming up with fun poses to strike.

We have already done a variety of events from baby showers, birthday parties to corporate events after opening just a few months ago.

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